Sunday 18 Oct 2020

A People Fully Alive

Restored, Resourced, Released

Isaiah 61:1-3; John 10:10

Today is Creative Offerings Sunday  18 Oct 2020

We welcome you to our Service where we gather together not as those who have our lives perfectly sussed out, but as fellow pilgrims on a journey. We meet to acknowledge God’s power through the Holy Spirit in our lives, to celebrate and to affirm that we are not our own  – we belong to God and belong to one another because of the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.


 There is a popular song by Averil Levigne:

” God keep my head above water
   Don’t let me drown
    It gets harder
    I’ll meet you there
    At the altar
    As I fall down to my knees

    So pull me up from down below
    ‘Cause I’m underneath the undertow
    Come dry me off and hold me close
    I need you now, I need you most “.

 It makes me reflect on Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.”

This year has been harder than most  for many, many reasons for all of us, and I am not immune to that fact in my own life. As a staff member and elder I think sometimes that people look to me to have it all together, yet a lot of the time I feel I am completely the opposite, muddling through the chaos and business of life just trying to keep my head above water. Sometimes I am so busy doing what I think needs to be done, that I lose track of the need to just spend time in God’s space, and refill  my tank and my family’s tank as well. Isaiah 43:2 reminds us that God is with us what ever we are going through, whenever we feel overwhelmed and that the things of life are about to flood over us, He reminds us that He will not let them overflow us! The God who created us and who redeemed us will keep us safe from harm if we continue to look to Him! Remember today that GOD is with you!!   Jo Knowles

Today’s Worship  Leader

and Service Coordinator is  David Goodwin

MBC Prayer Events

CAP prayer meeting first Tuesday of the month at 9am at church

If you have a prayer request or want to join the prayer team contact Diane Hutchinson at phone 455-0443

or email .Please remember to use the prayer box at the back of the church if you want the prayer team to pray for anything specific in confidence. If you need prayer for sickness or other matters please contact one of the Elders.

Foodbank: Donations of basic food items are appreciated for the Presbyterian Support Foodbank. There is a labelled box under the foyer table. Please be sure to replace it if it has to be removed for a particular event.

Contributions to the Newsletter: We welcome church members to contribute a praise item, bit of news or something that will encourage everyone. Email or drop a wee note to Tongsiew at – deadline is Friday evening of every  week.

MBC Caring and Sharing …………

Sizzle & Bake A Success— We want to thank everyone who donated baking, their time and efforts. We couldn’t have done it without you!! Our community was blessed and so were we  😉

Full Board For 1st Year Uni Student 2021   A Christian family is looking for full board in a caring Christian home for their son who has high functioning Aspergers. For more details please contact Tongsiew.

Thursday Playgroup’s future : Marcie would like us to join her to pray for the following concerns to do with the group:

As playgroup comes to an end ( this year in Dec) that God might put it on someone’s heart to lead and carry it on ( perhaps another mom or individual who has a calling for leading a small group ministry with amazing moms in the community) or….

That if it is meant to finish that those seeds of love, friendship, and discipleship have been sown these years among the girls and those moms who have been apart of playgroup will be encouraged to go further in their faith and share in their relationships with  one another for support.

If anyone is interested, I am happy to talk with them. This has been a ministry for  the last  seven years which has served the community and it has been a real privilege to be apart of it. Let’s give it to God’ s hands.

Upcoming Sunday Sermons 

25 Oct               James Watson    Luke 24:13-35

1 Nov                 Jonathan Robinson  Church Vision

8 Nov                 Missions—The Persecuted Church

Activities At MBC this Coming Week

19 Oct Mon     Musselburgh Music 9am—11am   Pastoral Care Meeting 1pm

21 Oct  Wed       Ladies  Prayer Meeting  7.30pm—8.30pm

22 Oct Thur       Marcie’s Thursday Playgroup  10am– 12noon

Musselburgh Baptist Church, 131 Musselburgh Rise, Dunedin 9013 or contact   phone 03-4562065  for more information

Church office hours  On the following days you will usually find someone at the Church Office (or not too far away) to take your enquiries, or even just to pray with you. Monday 12-5, Tuesday 9-1 Wednesday 9-1 Thursday 9-12  Friday 10-1pm  or  phone us on 456 2065.

Donations to the Church the church’s bank account number is 030881-0053478-00 for automatic payments to make a regular contribution to the church, or to make a one-off donation electronically. Receipts for all donations made during the financial year (which ends in March) will be issued in April.

Missed a sermon or want to hear it again? Want to check out the notes? Just head to to check it out. All messages from the last few years are available on line.

Items for the Newsletter –. Please send items for the newsletter to Tongsiew at with Newsletter in the subject box. Deadline is Friday evening please.

Pastor Contact  You can contact Jonathan Robinson at or by phone 4554477, 0284210708 (please don’t ring after 9pm, except in emergencies ). 

Pin Access to church front door can be made available to any church member who has a need to access the church premises outside of Sunday services. Please get in touch with Tongsiew for further information.

Creche Door Key  –  Sometimes the crèche door is locked when necessary (e.g. private rental of premises where crèche is not part of rental). The crèche door key is now hanging where the cleaning cupboard key is—this is for the sake of the Power Meter Man. Thanks!

Home Groups At MBC   Home groups provide an opportunity to have some concentrated time of fellowship and support, bible study and equipping and prayer that everyone can take part in. If you are not yet part of a Home Group we encourage you to think about being part of one. Please contact a person below in the first instance, as venues may vary. If you are unsure please see James Watson who will provide more information.