About us

Meeting for worship…

Sunday’s give us an opportunity to get together and sharpen our focus on Jesus, but we also meet in small groups where we can worship God in a variety of ways and look to his word in the Bible and spend time in prayer, which we believe is essential for our spiritual development and for changing our world.

Making a difference…

Jesus Mission statement (Luke 4, Isaiah 61) is the motivation for our own lives. Our aim is to make a difference in our world by seeing others respond to the good news of Jesus salvation and by being practical ‘love in action’ sort of people. This is worked out by being actively involved in mission outreaches and in social outreaches in our community and abroad – as well as all the individual things we do. To keep us focused on making a difference, the symbol of the acorn and the oak tree adorn much of the things we do – keeping in mind Isaiah 61:3 – Oaks of Righteousness for the display of his Goodness.

Working together…

Just as a tree has many branches, the Bible also tells us that all Christians are important members of the Church body and so we try and work together on making a difference. For that reason many of our ministries are done on a team basis and we take it seriously to develop both people’s gifts and the opportunities to use them. For this reason, if you meet with us on 2 separate Sunday’s you will often find a different worship leader, speaker and team of musicians up front as different people get involved. Working together also involves being involved in the tasks of cleaning and serving around the Church and in being involved in Wider Church events as they come up.

As well as we can

To keep us together, we have a group of Elders appointed every couple of years from the congregation, who, with the Pastor provide spiritual oversight for the congregation. A Management team keeps the administration side of things going, while various ministry leaders are appointed to head up the variety of groups and outreaches and so on. We also have an advisory council that meet with the eldership and congregation if needed to help keep us focused. We are also members of the Baptist Union.

Current Leaders

MBC elders: Jo Knowles; James Watson; Heather Bathgate, Gavin Hendry, Jacqui Tonks, Bruce Munro.